Improving Customer Experience with Automation

For any business owner, one of the best things that you can do is make your customer support service as good as it can be. While a good business often believes its product/service is good enough to avoid customer support queries, great businesses have a customer service standard to match their products. However, when time is of the essence, you might wish to consider using automation for customer experience improvement.

How, though, could you be using automation to help make sure that anyone getting in contact with your business can get the answers they require?

Start moving things along

When you are looking to make customer service more impressive, it has to be quicker. Taking hours – even days – to respond to an opening customer query is a poor look. By 2020, it’s expected that just 15% of customer support interactions will be human-handled: that makes sense.

Automation allows for most basic problems – returns, repairs, replacements – to be handled without a member of staff having to get involved. If you wish to minimise support staff costs whilst making sure customers get faster responses and automated resolutions to key issues, start using automation to improve the wider customer experience.

Stop limiting support hours

A major mistake of many a business is to have customer support hours in line with your opening hours. With the help of automation, you can have a 24/7 support network that handles all but the most challenging tasks without anyone having to intervene.

This could see you turn around response rates into minutes, not days. While it will allow for simple queries to be handled without any input, it will allow customers to feel like you care. If you respond quickly, they know that you want to find a resolution, and will appreciate that.

Start sending automated responses

A major improvement to any modern customer service platform that is automated, though, is automated responses. Send an automated message to let them know that their query is being received and dealt with. It lets them know that you have take their words into consideration and are now taking action on what they have said.

Also, if there are likely to be any delays to a response, automated messages allow you to make that clear. From making clear about customer service hours to other issues, you can remove the annoyance around waiting times on responses.

Let customers serve themselves

Today, self-service is a major part of retail and commerce. Customers often don’t want to have to sit and talk to an agent; they just want a refund/replacement etc. – this is why you have to make self-servicing possible.

Make it so by ensuring that they can handle things like returns etc. through a system that means they do not have to talk to anyone. From having them include the RMI number to ensuring your system is notified of an incoming return/refund/replacement request, this ensures that customers spend less time waiting for a response, and more time getting a resolution.


With these factors in mind, you should be able to quickly transform the quality of your customer experience. Customers will feel more valued, and your business will seem far more professional and on-the-ball. With enough customer support staff to take over the minority or more personal concerns, you can start to make sure that all customers receive the best possible experience. 

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