The Top Trends in Customer Service in 2019

For many years now, the customer service industry has been in a period of significant change. That constant adjustment has seen many customer service norms we grew up with consigned to the dustbin of history. Today, customer service in 2019 is very much different to how it was even in 2018. With that in mind, it pays to understand and grasp the top trends in customer service in 2019. The problem is, where do you start?

Let us help you work out what the most important trends to follow with regards to customer service are.

People want faster resolutions

One problem with customer service in the past is that it was acceptable for a period of 48-hours to pass before the first reply. Now, anything beyond a couple of hours is going to leave someone tapping their timepiece, waiting for you to get a response to them.

So, make sure that you get used to the art of solving the entire issue within 48-hours; two working days to merely begin parlay isn’t acceptable, even if it was the norm once.

Customers want a personal approach

Making sure that every customer on your service comes with a full profile for you to look through is essential. Why? Because your staff will be expected to know who this person is; what they bought, what they looked at on your site etc.

If your business is not doing enough to personalise customer service, you will lose business. People want you to know who they are; they bought from you, so they expect your undivided attention.

Customers no longer want to explain themselves

Moving on from the above, when a customer is contacted regarding a query they have made, they expect you to know what it is already. A customer now knows how much data a business holds about them; they expect you to use that data to know what their problem is before they tell you.

The most common trend, then, comes from customers who want you to know what the problem is – and what the solution is – before you even talk.

AI is becoming more important

More and more businesses are now using AI to help make sure that they can do all of the above. It should make it easier for you to ensure that people get a more customer-centric, specific message delivered to them. Expand out over time; AI for customer service is still growing, but it has a huge amount of potential.

Start small, build big

Many companies make the mistake of trying to edit their entire customer service philosophy in one go. We recommend adding in small amounts of technological adjustment, more information per customer to each customer profile etc. – start small and build up the customer experience solution over time.


Good customer service needs buy-in from the business executives. As such, gradually improving the customer service platform is far more likely to receive financial and executive backing. Keep that in mind: a wholesale change has to be made, but can it really be made all at once without lasting damage? 


Why Outsource to the Philippines?

Are you looking for a way to make your working days a lot less stressful? Then you need to take a look at outsourcing. Outsourcing allows you to pass on jobs to experts who are not part of your staff. From getting a cool logo designed to turning to a copywriter to make your blog bigger, you have many options to consider.

One option you need to look at, though, is where you will outsource from. The Philippines, for example, is among the world-leaders in producing top-quality freelancers and support specialists in most industries. Why, then, should you be looking to work with one of the countries with the fastest rate of growth for outsourcing in the world?

Affordable pricing

One major benefit of turning to the Philippines for outsourcing is the affordability of everything. The value for money that you receive on a daily basis is impressive indeed. You will pay around half of what you would to a UK or US employee, so you will spend far less on getting jobs done at a price you can easily afford.

A young nation

A good reason to look at Filipino outsourcing opportunities, though, is because of the age of the populace. This is a nation with the average age being just 23; many people, then, are tech-savvy and have grown around internet-based commerce.

As such, many of them are highly educated in top IT areas and have a fuller understanding of the skills that you might need. This is a young nation with a hungry, ambitious populace.

Legal protection

Another excellent benefit of using an outsourcing firm in the Philippines is they tend to be legally strong. This helps you to avoid the potential for litigation through work carried out by a member of staff. Their knowledge of their legal obligations allows you to hire without worrying you have hired someone who might not suit your needs.

This helps to keep client relations at an all-time high, whilst making sure that your business can get the right person for each job without worrying about expensive legal problems.

Greater cultural diversity

An interesting part of Filipino culture is that, compared to other popular outsourcing nations, they have a much richer grasp of Western culture. If you are looking for someone to write about pop culture, events happening across the world, cultural content etc. then you will find outsourcing in the Philippines is much easier.

They have a much richer connection to popular culture and non-Philippines culture than you might expect. This means that you can outsource without having to worry about a misunderstanding of the cultural meaning of the content you have asked for.

Authentic language

Lastly, you will find that the Philippines is a good place to outsource to as it is an English-speaking nation. As the official second language, Filipino workers are often excellent at making sure they can do the job that you need in a shorter space of time – all without the gluttony of mistakes often found from non-English speaking nations.


This helps to ensure you can communicate with your remote staff better, too, reducing confusion about the job.