Build vs. Buy: The Pros and Cons of Developing an Internal CX Department or Going with a Turnkey BPO Solution

Establishing a startup is riddled with challenges and hurdles that a CEO, Operations Manager, or someone in charge of customer service faces everyday. Your clients are expecting a complete product or service – including a robust customer experience to keep them loyal to your brand. As a vital component to launching a successful startup, here are the pros and cons of building an internal CX department versus choosing to go with a turnkey BPO solution.



  • Being able to create and provide jobs in your local community
  • Startups typically consist of small teams, and it would be nice to give the company more faces and more people around the office
  • Having “control” of the operations if the team is in-house


  • Job creation is good, but does someone in tech-dominated cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and New York want an entry-level CS job? Think of outsourcing as an extension of your internal team, not a replacement! We’re assisting the internal team to stay focused on scale, ultimately helping the company grow by not focusing on menial tasks.
  • It is wise to set up at least the foundation of your CS process internally so you know what you’re event outsourcing.
  • It may not be wise to outsource the ENTIRE function. Outsource the low-level issues and 1-2 internal reps handle urgent issues.
  • Remember, they are YOUR vendor. You have more control and influence over a vendor than an unruly CS employee, you get them paid!

Having a solid CX team is vital to a startup’s success – it’s up to you as a decision maker to grow your company in the most cost-effective, productive and organic way possible. In this rapidly evolving world, BPO solutions are only one of the multitude of services that you can use to expand your company to its full potential.

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